More Information

Dates and Times
Meeting time for departure
Monday July 28th – Dublin Airport Terminal 2

In full uniform
Boots on feet
Rucksack on back (20kg)
Passport in right hand
Day bag in left hand (10kg)

Meeting time for return
Tuesday August 5th – Dublin Airport Terminal 2

Strandbad Höchst 15, 65934 Frankfurt am Main.   Deutschland

Campsite is a former stocked fishing lake west of Frankfurt city centre. It has a Large lake, a few fields and a large wooded area. It is fully secure, with toilets, a kitchen and wet weather facilities.

You will need to bring the following gear to Germany

  • Uniform
    • Full Uniform (Neckerchief, Scout Shirt, Scout Trousers, Belt, Dark Shoes)
    • Hiking boots
  • Camp clothes
    • Runners (old for water sports)
    • A few changes of clothes
    • Spare socks, underwear
    • Warm fleece , Jumper  (even though it’s summer !!!)
    • Pyjamas
  • Waterproofs
    • Good waterproof raincoat with hood
    • Rain trousers
  • Wash gear
    • Towel
    • Medications  (to be handed to Leaders)
    • Insect repellent
    • Personal first aid kit
    • Toiletries
    • Sun cream
  • Sleeping gear
    • Sleeping Bag
    • Ground Mat
    • Torch
  • Activity gear
    • Day bag (with proper straps)
    • Swim gear
    • Whistle
    • Camera
    • Pen knife (swiss army – basic)
  • Eating gear
    • Tea towel
    • Plate, bowl, Cup, utensils
    • Few black bags

Main rucksack must be no more than 20kg – put it on the scales. Nothing should hanging from the outside. The day bag must be no more than 10kg.

Both your rucksack and day bag must have proper straps for carrying on your back.

Mobile Phone Policy
All Mobile Phones will be collected by Leaders
Scouts will be given their phones back for 2 hours every three days
Phone time will be after dinner
Be careful of international phone charges
Days phones will be allowed: Monday 28th, Thursday 31st, Sun 3rd, Tue 5th.
Special exceptions must be communicated by the parents before we leave.
Parents can ring any of the leaders at any time.

Spending Money
Maximum spending money allowed is €50. Spending money will be taken up at start and a camp bank will operate. Please don’t give more than the allowed amount.

Essential Forms
Managing Medications Form
Activities Consent Form
European Health Insurance Card

Annual Camp Website

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