First Preparation Meeting

We held the first planning meeting for annual camp last night. There were scouts there from the Wolves, the Ravens and the Ventures. We did a quick introduction with all the scouts and leaders. Also, we did some brain storming and discussion about what we will be doing in Germany and what we want to get out of it.

We discussed that we will be having a parent meeting next Monday night between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. Scouts have the option of coming along.

Also there has been a page added to this website which lists the songs which we will be learning over the coming weeks. You can find the page in the menu up top or click here: Songs.

wpid-img_20140630_200109.jpg wpid-img_20140630_201400.jpg wpid-img_20140630_200034.jpg wpid-img_20140630_200025.jpg wpid-img_20140630_200027.jpg wpid-img_20140630_200249.jpg wpid-img_20140630_201342.jpg wpid-img_20140630_201353.jpg wpid-img_20140630_200112.jpg

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