Day 2

On day two we were woken by the wake call German style. They send scouts banging pots and pans at 8am. Some double hard scouts had already awoken for an early morning swim at 7.30am.

Before breakfast we met in a large circle, which is a tradition for German scouts. The leaders announced the plan for the day. Next we eat breakfast before heading into Frankfurt city for Schlag die Leiter (beat the leaders).


Schlag die Leiter is a game which was thought up by one of the German leaders named Julian. The game is played by teams of 8. Each team is sent a text message at start of each hour. The text message contains a clue which points the team to a famous landmark in Frankfurt. They have 20 minutes from this time to find a group of leaders at the landmark.


If the team make it, the team is pitted against the leaders in a challenge. e.g. Kim’s game


There were also QR codes posted around the city which unlocked clues about the final treasure. It was a great way of finding out about Frankfurt while having fun.


The weather was fine until the lightning storm started just as we finished. We were soaked and very hungry getting home so were really grateful for the spaghetti bolognase.

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